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Sadly, it was the buffet Todai in Las Vegas that made me want to start a food blog. In America there exists buffets that are raising the bar of their reputation. They are producing quality foods at a good price and serving it to you in a true family style: eat until you are can’t do anything but sit in front of the TV. Of course, there are also buffets that are giving some costumers diarrhea. For those of you who are concerned about Todai’s sushi buffet, don’t be. If I didn’t get sick after 5 plates of sushi, I doubt you will. Not only was this the best buffet I have ever eaten at in my lifetime of buffet eating, but it is definitely one of my favorite dining experiences as well.

Before eating at a buffet, I always walk the line first to see if it’s what I want to eat. I could tell by standing in the doorway that I wanted to eat here. The sushi all looked so appetizing, the color variations made the buffet look like it was from a cartoon. And don’t worry, it all tasted just as good as it looked.

The menu itself is not breaking the mold, but that’s a good thing because is a sushi restaurant for everyone regardless of your sushi journey. If you eat sushi every day, you can expect all of the traditional rolls and they are made competently. If you don’t know a thing about sushi, this would be an incredible place to start exploring, and if you discover you don’t like sushi while eating here, don’t worry there are plenty of entree options to pick and choose from, including hibachi made to order.

Since eating at this restaurant I have tasted “higher quality sushi,” but Todai can hold its own against most sushi restaurants that I have been to and it is a buffet that is decorated in such a way that I would not be embarrassed to take a date here (please note that I have never claimed to be a romantic). Like I’ve said before, you can’t put a price on variety and portions and this place allows eaters to take full advantage of their incredibly fresh and tasty offerings.

Taste = High
Quality = High
Variety = Middle of the road
Portions = All you can eat
Price = incredibly fair
Service = good
Atmosphere = nice/inviting
Total Value = Best Value I’ve Ever Encountered

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