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I know that saying “Best Bar” carries a lot of wait and is a very tall statement. A lot goes into a good bar:

  1. Convenience
  2. Clientele
  3. Atmosphere
  4. Drink Specials
  5. Good Food

Check all five of those off the list. Lynnwood Grill is the only place that I am going to go to watch a game and, but I normally go there just to eat and how many bars have that reputation?

Yeah, Lynnwood Grill is a straight shot, about 9 minutes down the road from my house, but it is right off of Glenwood  Road/70 and I have to imagine that is convenient for a lot of people. Plus, if you are afraid of driving, the bar offers a shuttle service. I’m not sure what all is involved, but if you call them using the contact information below, I am sure they will be happy to explain it and try to accommodate you.

The clientele (and service) at this place has always been friendly, even when I sat back to watch my Tennessee Volunteers embarrass a local team in a game of pigskin, I had a lot of fun watching the show between my girlfriend and the other bar guests. My girlfriend is the obnoxious fan. She cheers when UT makes a play, chants when they score a goal, and cries when the screw up, but the clientele is nothing but polite if not playful. Lynnwood Grill is not a sports bar for obnoxious fans and its not a singles bar for drunks trying to make an impression. It is a grill that entertains businessmen, college students, and young families alike, making my experiences consistently casual, but the amenities are there for drinkers and sports fans. They have a TV for every channel and an outdoor patio (that I think also has TVs, but I may be wrong), and a bar on the roof of the building, so it’s a great place for spreading out and finding where you will be comfortable.

I’m not much of a drinker, but I’m always temped to at this place, because they frequently offer a $3 draft special that goes beyond the typical domestics, and a  cocktail of the day that is always cheap enough to tempt me and typically ropes in my girlfriend.

Today and every day of my life, I get up in the morning, hoping to rave about this place’s food. This is the one restaurant where I am not monogamous with one item in particular, because everything that I have tried has been just as good as the last offering. My standards are the calzone, this kitchen is one of the few that uses both feta and mozzarella cheeses and the calzone is very filling and easily worth two meals. If you want extra sauce, and I always do, they make you pay for it and I am cheap enough to where such a cost does talk me out of ordering it, especially when everything else is good and doesn’t have a hidden expense.

Lately, my girlfriend and I have been going to extremes to eat their BBQ Chicken Pizza as much as we can. Their dough seems to have honey in it or something that makes it so savory with the BBQ sauce and toppings. This tasty addition is not found in their calzone’s dough, so I assume it is just for the BBQ pizza, but in this instance, it is not too sweet, because the dough is not too thick. If we order a large (and we always do for the leftovers), we are typically full after two slices.

This review has really taken the thumb out of the dyke for me, because now I want to talk about all of their menu items and I have had 10 or so, but I will close talking about their burger. Their burger is admirable and at lunch during the weekdays, they have a great deal on it, $6 or something like that. What I like about their burger/sandwich meals are their side offerings. You are not stuck with fries or chips, you can get onion rings, fried pickles, a side salad, and I’m sure there are other options that I am forgetting, but the one item that I cannot divorce myself from is their pickle chips. They are chips, not spears and they are fried to perfection and, though they don’t work too well in a takeout order, they are the best pickle chips that I have ever had. I wish I had time to talk about their wraps, pastas, or salads, but I really hope that you can try them for yourself.


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