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When Casalinga closed at the start of 2013, my girlfriend was tortured. Not only had we lost the spot we wanted the reception of our future wedding (a big deal for her), but her standard alarm on Saturdays was me lamenting Casalinga’s garlicy offerings. Lucky for us, a little research on the internet lead me to Casa San Carlo or San Carlo as the sign on the restaurant says and once we walked through its doors; we both felt a wave of relief. If Casalinga was a 10/10 (and it was) I am going to give this place a 9.5/10. This is solidly the best buffet in the triangle, the best Italian Buffet I have ever had, and the restaurant is in the running for best Italian.

I guess it is fair to consider Carlo’s a sister restaurant to Casalinga. Head chef Carlo had a part in founding both restaurants and this location carries a classier environment with it; mainly because the building and strip mall that it is attached to is newer. Where Casalinga was surrounded by a Food Lion and a Pawn Shop, Carlo neighbors a Khol’s and a Harris Teeter, but the price is the same, the food is high quality, and the atmosphere is much improved.

Carlo’s offers much of the same delicious fair on their lunch buffet as Casalinga and some of Carlo’s items taste (can’t believe I am saying this) significantly better, like their lasagna, chicken cacciatorie, and their grilled vegetables like mushrooms and squash. The pizza tastes about the same, the dough is a little thicker here, and the eggplant parm (a favorite of mine) is nearly identical.

I went during a time when the buffet had just been put out and there was only one or two other people eating, which means no items got replaced while I was there, but I got to try a little bit of everything. Returning to the Mussels Marinara was a real treat and their pizza rolls still have a place in my girlfriend’s heart. Two bites in and she said, “Well at least we found where we can have our reception if we ever get married.” Truer words have never been spoken.

For $8.99 you cannot find a fresher buffet or an equally satisfying salad bar.

Please try this place!

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