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In college, I was so infatuated with a girl that I voluntarily and passionately followed her all the way from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Decatur, Alabama…oh, we were dating, so it’s not as weird as it sounds. Maybe I had my love blinders on that weekend, but I remember loving everything in Decatur; even the Wal-Mart seemed to have a fresh appeal to it. Decatur quickly became my favorite city for food solely because I really enjoyed two restaurants. I recall enjoying a place called Dots or Dips, maybe even Granny’s, it was a very quaint place that had the hand of a great grandmother on its shoulders and her face on the menu, but I cannot review that place, because not only can I not recall it’s name, but I don’t even remember what I ate, it was just good. In the case of Big Bob Gibson, I have no shame in writing a review, because I have been verbally reviewing, nay PREACHING this place as the best BBQ, and one of the best meals, I have ever had since I ate there in 2004.

Walking in, I knew that this place was not in the hands of an average mortal, because it had a trophy in the room that came up to my chest, and probably needs a crane to get anywhere. This was the first time that I had ever eaten in a restaurant that took home a win in a cooking competition and in this case it was a national competition for best BBQ sauce.

I can still see the plate of food that I got like I ate it yesterday; and, yes, I still feel a rush in my chest when I think about it and I think about it every time I talk about BBQ. The pork was piled high, the potato was large, and the salad was just perfect: ranch, cheese, bacon bits, and easy on the veggies (I’m half joking). The deep-south sweet tea was flowing and I remember not talking much during the meal, because devouring a meal with the speed and enthusiasm like I did should be reserved for people near death from starvation or on illegal substances. This was hands down the best BBQ I have ever tasted and probably will ever taste. The pork itself was okay, but the sauce was a priceless ichor. It was sweet, but not too sweet, and very far from one note.

If you cannot tell from my blog, I will just admit that I am entirely thrifty in my ways and I pretty much refuse to buy souvenirs. That being said, am going to make a confession here and now and only now. I liked this place so much that I bought my first and only souvenir. I got a bottle of their award winning BBQ sauce and I shared it with my family back home for Christmas.

Some restaurants become legends that old codgers tell their kids and their kids’ kids about, a story where truth and fiction are hard to sort out. In my case, I will be telling stories of three restaurants. Unfortunately, two of my favorite restaurants have closed. So I’m going to double down and order a case of Big Bob’s sauce and freeze it now, before the restaurant has the chance to become a legend, but based on how many awards they have won since I’ve been there, I don’t think this place is going anywhere.

Total Value Breakdown:
Highest of highs for every category.

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