When I want breakfast, I don’t want eggs, bacon, toast, or pancakes, something that I can make in a microwave at home. I want to eat something that I could not make if I tried, like Chicken and Waffles, a perfectly folded omelette, or a sauce that I can’t get out of a can, and that is why I have returned to Brigs many, many times. From pumpkin pancakes to overloaded hash browns or even Eggs Benedict, Brigs makes me more than happy to surrender ten bucks for a breakfast that leaves me satisfied and so full that I typically skip lunch.

Now, keep in mind, that (and there is no way for me to say this politely, but I will try) this is where the cool senior citizens are hanging out and winning over their grandchildren. I say that because the coffee is not the strongest and you may occasionally need to pick up the salt and pepper shakers for your breakfast potatoes. But when it comes to your entree, be it a loaded egg scramble or their last-meal worthy Eggs Benedict, let your fork do all of the work. I can’t say enough about the Benedict and saying that I would drink that yellow sauce everyday does not do it justice.

Is the place perfect? Not really. I will say that the managers working there are incredibly helpful and they do not take a complaint lightly. If your service is slow, your food was a little too room temperature, or the food was so good people weren’t leaving their tables and you had to wait too long, let them know and they will do what they can to get you back. Aside from occasionally slower  service and waiting in the lobby for a long time, the only complaint that I would have would be their substitution policy and pretty much if a substitution is not written into the dish like “your choice of toast or grits” and you want corn-beef hash (and you DO want corn-beef hash), you are going to have to pay for it.

Still, I brought in my new year’s morning with this place and so far, 2013 has been great for me.

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