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When it comes to relaxing, I have it down to a science. First, start off with room control. Is my couch comfy-womfy? Is my thermostat riding the edge of perfect? Could I fall asleep any minute? Do I need, no, want to be wearing pants? Does the TV have something worth watching? Is my beverage perfect? And is there anything missing? Ah, food! But we have a problem: I don’t want pizza, I don’t want a sandwich, I would rather starve than cook anything, and I just had Chinese food. What’s a man boy to do? What delivery options are there? I’ve been investigating new delivery options for my address. One of the first places that I tried was Stromboli’s.

Actually, I think Stromboli’s was one of the first meals that I ever ate in my new house. I was exhausted from moving and desiring something deliverable and on the lighter side. Stromboli’s seemed to be the only option. I want to say that I think their Anti-pasta Salad is one of the happiest salads I have ever seen. It is a heavy container with meat and cheese logs to make the idea of eating a salad as a meal less of a joke. And every bite of salad has a vegetable or something else to go with the lettuce, which is a rare accomplishment. It is definitely one of the most filling salads that I have ever ordered, but I am NOT a fan of Stromboli’s Italian Dressing or their Wedding Soup (consider yourself warned).

As for the entrees, they have always been better than expected (this is a delivery service after all, expectations must be reasonable, this aint Olive Garden!). The Chicken Marsala always stands out as a good dish, better than most middle of the road pastas, it’s a 4/5 for me. Same with the Chicken Giardino, whose orange sauce (a tomato and alfredo mix) was very comforting on after a particularly exhausting day, and because the dish was full of zucchini, mushrooms, and onions I didn’t feel as guilty eating it.

Truth be told though, I am a sucker for their Chicken Parmesan. It is far, FAR from a taste revolution or a culinary breakthrough, but it’s a solid dish and the portions! Mamma Mia! So much food. Love it! If I get it with a side salad, I can rarely finish the dish. Especially since every entree comes with a loaf of pretty good bread

The only problem that I have had with Stromboli’s is that their deliveries take a while. I would plan on waiting at least an hour for your food to get there. And sometimes it’s clear that the food has been sitting around for far too long, where it’s been sitting is hard to say: in a car, under a heat lamp, in a pan, or any combination of the three. The last time I got the Chicken Parmesan, the spaghetti had absorbed all of the sauce’s liquid and the pasta was very dry. I actually added some sauce that I had in the refrigerator.

I should probably be harder on this place. If I ever ate its restaurant, I might go crazy, but I give the delivery service a break for a couple of reasons:

  1.  All of their entrees are buy one get one free for deliveries (so I always get a ton of food and at a very fair price).
  2. The managers and staff are very friendly. I have complained in the past about delivery times and they always apologize and/or offer to give me a discount or something.
  3. You can’t put a price on convenience.

Taste = better than expected
Quality = Mid of the road
Portions = LARGE
Price = Very fair
Service = Not perfect
Atmosphere = I really like my house and don’t mind the wait
Total Value = mid high

If you are looking to put a contemporary twist on an Italian Classic, my friend Torre has the recipe for you. Try his Chicken Lasagna with a Garlic White Sauce; if only he delivered, I know I would order some right now.

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