Published on May 6, 2013, by in Eating Everywhere Else.

Eating Las Vegas (Part 1)

Pampas for my girlfriend and I was the girl that you take to prom because there are no other prospects in sight, but at the end of the evening you realize that you she was the one all along. We had just tried to walk from The Luxur hotel to The Hard Rock Hotel, an expedition that we thought would take 10 minutes and ended up taking us nearly an hour. We walked the landing zone of an airport, trekked by a lot of unoccupied realty, and hiked our way through the ghetto all to get a look at some boots that Kenny Chesney wore and another casino. Worth every second!

If we had not been starving and at the end of our rope, Pampas would not have happened, but lo and behold we were a beaten team. My girlfriend always talks about the semester that she spent studying in Brazil and how she ate the best food ever while she was there; so when starving in the desert and a Brazilian restaurant presents itself, yes, I was absolutely obligated to go.

We sat down not really sure what would be happening, but when I realized that it was a buffet I felt this was par for the course and accepted my fate. We went to the buffet and I was shocked and angered to see it was all vegetarian options: beans, salads, potatoes, potato salads. My girlfriend looked at me and I was biting my tongue so hard that I’m surprised I didn’t crack a tooth. Defeated, I prepared a meager plate of food that spelled depression. I’m sure that my girlfriend was waiting for me to take a stand and refuse to eat or at least pay for this, but I bit my tongue and filled my mouth with some black beans that were pretty good, and I had some potatoes that were good, and the salad was good, so I was actually happy, but then the clouds parted and the gods that be flew in from the heavens with skewers the size of swords and on these skewers were large slabs of steak and chains of chicken wings.

The first sword presented me a savory, white chicken wrapped in bacon. When the waiter said, “You like?” I felt like crying. He slid a piece onto my plate and I think I finished eating it before he could serve my girlfriend. Next came a pork leg [Insert Fred Flinstone Yaba-daba-doo joke here]. It was not until I got a sword that was bending from the weight of top sirloin that I was shaking my head and thinking “Vegas, baby.” The food all tasted like it came from one of the best bar-b-ques your parent’s friends ever forced you to attend.

I will not spoil the surprise. This is one of the best dining experiences that I have ever had. First of all, it was extremely healthy foods, lots of fiber, protein, and veggies, so I didn’t feel bad about indulging in anything, and when the food tastes good all .

Truth be told, my love is this place may be a form of luck (A rating of 64%? OUCH!). Moments of stress and exhaustion are a great time for making cherished memories, and I’m glad a serviceable restaurant was there to save us or at least our moods. I will be curious to see if I like this place as much when I go back, and I definitely will go back. I have tried other Brazilian steakhouses since this one and I did not like those nearly as much and they have higher ratings than this one, so I will have to keep my expectations for my return modest, but, for now, I’m going to say to hell with my Total Value system, and just give this restaurant a rating of HEAVEN on a skewer.

Taste = Soaringly HIGH
Variety = Medium (a few warm side item options couldn’t hurt)
Portions = All you can eat, cha-ching
Price = Mid-high
Service = High
Atmosphere = mid-high
Total Value = Heaven on a Skewer

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