For years, I refused to order a sandwich. I felt like a sandwich is lazy restauranting. Charging ME for something I should be able to make at home with basic ingredients, it didn’t work with me and I come from a line of great sandwich makers. My grandmother and father could make a turkey sandwich that would make me weak in the knees. McAlisters, who needs it. Panera, take a hike, bub. And don’t get me started on Subway, the one restaurant that I can admit having a five year feud with over a coupon and paying $2 for meatballs. If my friends went to a deli, I was ordering a drink and the place was lucky if I ordered that.

I have grown a lot since high school and in college I learned the true value of a $5 footlong, but I feel like Which Wich is going to regress me 12 years. It’s a sandwich people and unlike Panera I can’t say that Which Wich makes their bread or even has good bread; unlike McAlisters, I cant get a loaded potato as a side item; and unlike Subway I can’t get 12 inches of sandwich for $5 and the worst part, unlike Quiznos, I can’t get my sub TOASTED!

What makes Which Wich unique? Nothing flavor wise. Their ordering system is really fun, pick what you want and do some multiple choice on the bag, but what if you are like me and don’t know what flavor combinations work best for a chicken cordon blue sandwich? What if I just want to order and blame the restaurant if my sandwich sucks?

One time, I went to a Mongolian buffet where I picked everything I wanted in my pasta bowl and they cooked it for me. Seems like a decent idea and I picked flavors that I like garlic, mushrooms, etc., but whatever flavors I combined was inedible; I did too much, then on a second attempt I did too little, and on a third attempt I made a salad.

At Which Wich, I knew I only had one shot at making a sandwich so I played it safe: bread, meat, cheese, toppings, mayo and mustard and what it sounds like is exactly what I got, but I paid nearly twice what I would at Subway and don’t get me started on how cheap it would be to make at home.

If paying $9 to write on a bag and get a $4 sub is your idea of a good dining experience, be my guest, but when it comes to sandwiches, give me unique flavors or competitive prices, or I will give visiting your restaurant death.

Taste/Variety = boring
Portions = vary
Price = overpriced
Service = they screwed up my girlfriend’s order twice
Atmosphere = cool
Total Value = fart noise

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